Live Webcam
I am still working on the website and it will be updated with additional information and photo's in the near future.


Just caught video on my phone of the blue tit checking out the nest box, the great tit was looking in the other box and the robin was having a good look around the open front box. Could be a busy year here in the garden.


Blue tit female visiting the nest box. The birds are still visiting the box every day, I would suspect the nest building has been put on hold due to the recent extreme weather conditions.

The photo to the left is an image of the female blue tit that has been visiting the nest box daily.


This morning the blue tit has finally decided to start the nest building process. The nest building this year is a few weeks later than previous years due to the adverse weather conditions we have been experiencing. It's good to see them return again and we are looking forward to watching a family fledge from the nest box.


The nest building is progressing on a daily basis, things are looking good.


The blue tit is recycling material from an old nest from last year that was to go to the compost heap. (short video).


Looks like the great tit has has been watching the blue tit it is now also recycling material from the old nest to line it's own nest.


Two of the blue tits have fledged the nest and the last two should fledge the nest box tomorrow below are some images from inside/ outside the nest box. Click on any image below to enlarge.

Mum explaining what's going to happen next.
Getting ready to go!
Think we will until tomorrow.
First to leave the nest.
First baby to leave the nest.
Mother trying to entice the chicks to come out.
1st one out clinging to house wall.
2nd chick fledged to the house roof.